The Cost of Wind Power

26 Dec 2012 | Fox Business, FOX News Network
Frontline Strategies’ Mark Standriff on how green energy job creation has fared in California.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

8 Mar 2007 | WAGtv, UK

Concerns of Wind Farms | Health Effects from Turbines

4 Jun 2012 | todaytonight Adelaide | Wind Farm in Waterloo

反對中電在西貢發展海上風力發電場計劃遞交請願書 Part 1

痛心疾首, 風電場{吹}毁香港最後一個天然後花園
有西貢風車, 冇天然遺產
借再生能源為名, 加價為實

Residents voice concerns over wind farm

Residents in Blumfield Township voiced their concern Tuesday night about the distance of wind turbine towers from their homes.

Renewable Energy Solution of the Month - Wind