About Us
We are a group of ordinary Hong Kong citizens who love and treasure our beautiful natural environment.  We are volunteers with no political background and do not receive any subsidy.  What ties us together to form the “Hong Kong Concern about Wind Power Stations” and fight against the construction of large scale wind farms in Hong Kong?

After a detailed study of the off-shore wind farm projects of both power companies, we view that these are economically inefficient projects that can neither conserve energy nor reduce emissions.  On the contrary, they will cost us more in our electricity bill and, even worse, will cause permanent damages to our precious geological heritage sites and natural ecological environment.
There is a general misunderstanding that wind power is the only way to develop renewable energy in Hong Kong and shall be pushed ahead at all costs.  We support the idea of renewable energy but it should not be at the expense or even destroying other elements parts of the natural environment.  Through this platform, we hope the public could know more about wind energy and climate change.  Via discussions and views exchange, we can examine the true picture of wind power objectively and to explore a better way out for the current energy issues.